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Creative Nomad: David Wien

Creative Nomad: David Wien

Get to know David Wien: The artist behind the "SUNGOD COLLECTION"

On the sun coast of California, amidst the serene waves of creativity, resides an artist with a story as diverse as the landscapes he's lived in. Meet a true creative, originally from Manchester, Vermont, whose footsteps have echoed across the Midwest, Portland, Humboldt County, and even St. Augustine, Florida. Today, he calls the sunny shores of Santa Barbara home.

As we sat down for a conversation, he shared insights into his nomadic life, his artistic inspirations, and the essence of creation itself.

SPIRAL: Where are you from, where are you now, where have you been?

DAVE: I’m from Mancheste Center, Vermont. Now I live in Santa Barbara California. I’ve lived pretty all over- the Midwest, Portland Oregon, Humboldt County California, also St Augustine Florida.

SPIRAL: Favortite board and why? Favorite wave and Why? Favorite Mountain and why? 

DAVE: Favorite board is hard to say- today I rode a 8’8 single fin by Terry Topanga, I guess I’ll say that. Favorite wave is Rincon or anywhere I have friends. Favorite Mountain is definitely my home mountain Bromely.

SPIRAL: Spotify Playlist? Got one? What’s playing in the studio? Buttpie?

DAVE: Yeah I’m making playlists all the time. Heres a good one: SUNGOD PLAYLIST.

My taste is still pretty all over the place but typically older stuff in the mellower side. Butt Pie still exists, but pretty much only in the mind at this point.

SPIRAL: Favorite artists: Visual / Musical / Conceptual?

DAVE: Favorite anything is always so hard to choose. I like some older guys like Fernando Botero, Thomas McKnight, Morris Hirshfield, Roger Brown,  Picasso of course. Some more current artists I like are: Jonathon Gardner, Soren Behncke, Tal R of course. Musically: I dunno. I still listen to Little Wings. Apparently last year I listened to a lot of Tony Caro and John, Pearls Before Swine, The Cleaners from Venus, Dina Ogden.

SPIRAL: Can you talk about you animation “Brain” id like to link it in the interview if thats cool?

DAVE: Sure that was really fun I took a class under the brilliant Lori Damiano. That was just a stream of consciousness pen on paper thing, I think it took a couple weeks, it was hundreds of drawings. I should do something like that again..



SPIRAL: What inspires you?
DAVE: Just good art. Music, coffee.

SPIRAL: Why create?

SPIRAL: Meaning of life? Is there one?

DAVE: These seem like the same question if you think about it- one answering the other. I don’t claim to be wise or anything, but I think if there is a meaning- we all know it. It’s that we’re supposed to PLAY. ;-)

See more of Dave's creations or purchase some work for yourself at:

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