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All-Natural / Warm-Temps Above 32°F (0 °C) Warm-Conditions: Spring / Park Laps Snowboard Wax.
Spiral offers a wax like no other – all-natural and handmade, it stands to be the cornerstone of your board-care routine without sacrificing performance. Treat it as you would any wax, but rest assured, it's crafted from naturally derived ingredients that won't harm the Earth, a stark contrast to the Petroleum-Based / Fluorocarbon composition found in most other snowboard waxes.
PFAS-Free, Biodegradable & Non-Toxic.
Choose Spiral. Elevate Your Ride, Protect the Earth.
5.5 Oz. / 155 Grams, Mountain Scented, Packaged in Recycled, Compostable Cardboard + Every Bar comes with a Free Sticker!
Developed, Tested, and Made in Bend, Oregon by Snowboarders
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